At 1 minute to midnight the 27/9/2020 we say cheers to the people that made this possible Cheers to Dan, Cheers to Brett, Cheers to the front line workers and Cheers to all Melbourne that did the right thing


Take a photo of yourself saying cheers and post it to social media and tag it #LOCKDOWNCOUNTDOWN


What does this mean for me?

The Second Step will see the removal of the curfew between 9pm - 5am in metropolitan Melbourne. The curfew will no longer apply from 5am on 28 September.

Face coverings:

A face covering means a face mask that covers the nose and mouth.  Face shields on their own do not meet these requirements.


  • Public gatherings - up to 5 people from a maximum of two households can meet outdoors for social interaction, exercise or recreation (infants under 12 months of age are not included in the cap) for a maximum of 2 hours and within 5 km of their home.

  • People living alone or single parents can nominate one person with whom they can form a ‘single social bubble’. A bubble allows you to visit each other for social interaction. Single parents with dependents who cannot be left alone will be allowed to include their dependents in the bubble. If you live in metropolitan Melbourne you can only form a bubble with someone in metropolitan Melbourne, not regional Victoria.

  • If the person you nominate to be in your bubble lives with other people, you can only visit if they are at home alone. Alternatively, they can visit you at home.

  • Face coverings must be worn during visits.

  • Professional respite care for people with complex needs is allowed.

Education and childcare

  • childcare - open

  • schools - remote learning with staged return for onsite learning Primary School students, VCE (Y11 – 12 or those doing VCE or VCAL subjects) and special schools in Term 4

  • adult education - only onsite for those on permitted list and those who require on-site access to complete their degree (by January 2021) or VET apprenticeship (by 31 December 2020)


  • Only go to work if you are in a permitted industry – with more workplaces to be permitted in our Second Step

Shopping, personal services, eating and drinking out

  • hospitality - takeaway and delivery only

  • retail - essential only with others only for click and collect

  • real estate - private inspections and online auctions only

  • shopping – families and households are able to shop together, but only once a day

  • pet grooming: retail pet groomers permitted where contactless service can be provided to clients (mobile closed)

Exercise and recreation

  • outdoor recreation - must be within 5km of home or permitted work, up to two hours per day total, split into a maximum of two sessions.

  • outdoor personal training allowed with up to 2 people per trainer, outdoor pools open in addition to playgrounds, which are already open. Skate parks remain closed.

  • exercise - outdoors, up to two hours per day total, split into a maximum of two sessions

Ceremonies and special occasions

  • weddings - - allowed with up to 5 people (including the couple and two witnesses) plus the celebrant

  • funerals - allowed with up to 10 people (infants under 12 months of age or people required to conduct the funeral not included in the limit)

  • religion - places of worship closed, outdoor gatherings and ceremonies of up to 5 people, plus 1 faith leader, proximate to a place of worship, are allowed

Entertainment, leisure and travel

  • travel within Victoria - not allowed, unless for a permitted purposs

  • entertainment - all venues closed

  • accommodation - closed, except for emergency or permitted purposes.


When will we move to the next step?

Subject to public health advice, in metropolitan Melbourne if thresholds are met of less than an average of 5 daily cases state-wide (over the 14-day period prior) and less than five of unknown transmission during that time (statewide total), we can move into our Third Step towards COVID Normal, while continuing to drive cases numbers to zero.


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